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Rated and Capacity£º16-25T Diesel Forklft


Main Specification

Product Feature

1¡¢adopt Cummins, Weichai, Yuchai turbocharging engine, powerful, energy conservation, environmental protection, satisfies the requirement of high efficiency operation.

2¡¢use Hangchi, Sanchi planet type hydraulic power shift transmission, big traction in combined operating condition, the transmission system more reliable.

3¡¢adopt double turbine hydraulic torque converter, stepless speed change, single lever control for the speed changing, easier for operation.

4¡¢Variable speed control valve matched with neutral starter, the machine start more secure.

5¡¢front axle adopt heavy duty type driving axle, enlarge size of axle housing, hub and bearing, spiral bevel gear and wheel planetary wheel deceleration increasing twist, steel structure bridge shell support, increase the load capacity and service life.

6¡¢No spokes plate type rim, increase the bearing capacity of hub.

7¡¢rear axle by transverse hydraulic cylinder type steering, steering axle has compact structure, transmission angle is 70.5 °, help to reduce the resistance and reduce tire wear and improve the driving comfort.

8¡¢using four heavy caliper disc brake, thicken brake disc, the rear air tank, 18 times braking pressure strength ratio, heat dissipation faster, reliable and safe operation

9¡¢hydraulic load sensing steering system, rear steering axle with small turning radius, flexible and light steering

10¡¢adopt double pump confluence working hydraulic system, greatly reduce fuel consumption, energy consumption. Hydraulic system equipped with oil radiator and back pressure protection device, ensure the machine heat balance

11¡¢using speed limit valve and pressure selector valve, reduce the hydraulic system impact, can lower the mast to the ground when engine flame out

12¡¢cooperate with hercynian institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences ""overall structure optimization scheme"", verifies the stiffness and strength calculation, fatigue life forecast on the forklift, comprehensive finite element mechanics analysis, structure design optimization, ensure the security of the products use

12.1¡¢adopt long wheelbase, box double beam frame, can provide good rigidity and strength, to ensure the high reliability of forklift truck chassis

12.2¡¢inner and outer mast adopt roller operate, the door frame with roller, movable block energy structure, long service life of the mast, high reliability

12.3¡¢mast lifting height can be up to 3 meters, high mast, low mast, standard mast and a variety of accessories can be fitteed according to customers’ requirements

12.4¡¢adopted quick hitch shelf, change quickly. Hydraulic fork positioner, easy to adjust. Cascade high strength fork, more wear-resisting, can multiply service life

13¡¢with massive deepen heavy forklift tire, rear steering axle can swing around the center, have good traction performance and passing performance.

14¡¢matched with adjustable direction, airline seats, joystick control distributing valve and working device, flexible and convenient manipulation

15¡¢using domestic high quality electrical components, maintenance-free battery, the wire resistance of flame retardant materials, reliable and durable. Cabin matched wiht fan, radios, air conditioner, reversing display, can match with weighting machine according to customers’ requirements.

16¡¢the whole machine is beautiful and smooth. Luxury wide view cabin, along with the skylight, low noise, good sealing

17¡¢domestication parts, standardization, cost-effective, parts commonality good easy procurement, daily maintenance is simple and quick.

18¡¢widely used in airports, ports, docks, stations, warehouses and other big working intensity occasions for loading and unloading, stacking and short-distance transportation

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