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Rated and Capacityú║2.0-4.0T Diesel Forklft


Main Specification

Product Feature

High quality

-- Adopt gradeability improving style electronic hydraulic transmission,compare with other models:efficiency 5% improved,climbing torque 8% increased,noise 3~5dB reduced,thermal equilibrium temperature 8-10°decreasedú╗

-- The super large capacity aluminum tube belt radiator and optimized heat dissipation channel further improve the heat dissipation capacity of the vehicleú╗

-- Load sensing priority steering hydraulic system is adopted to reduce pressure loss of hydraulic system, save energy and improve operation comfort.

High security

--Introducing advances technology from Germany,the unique single chain has greatly enhanced he front view while working.

--All car LED lights, high brightness, long life, energy saving and environmental protection.

High comfort

--The new suspension system,adjustable seat,allowing the driver to feel more comfortable and reducing fatigue during long operations;

--The combined color instrument has strong human-machine interaction and timely and accurately feedback the running state of vehicles.

--Spacious control space, comfortable seats, enjoy the pleasure of riding.

Rich options

ISUZU engine, high exhaust device, air prefilter, fireproof cap, solid tire, two stage free lift mast, three stage free lift mast , widening fork frame, fork sleeve, side shifter, paper roll clamp, bale clamp, carton clamp, block clamp, rotators, drum clamp, push-pull, etc.

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